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[Blogging Mindset] The Secret — Cristian Mihai No ratings yet.


  Originally posted on The Art of Blogging: “The secret is in the line.” – Charles Bukowski When you first start blogging, it’s all too easy to daydream yourself into chronic procrastination. After all, you’re not where you want to be, so why not spend a few hours each day thinking up of all the ways… […]

I BLEED, by Nathan Carter — Inmate Blogger No ratings yet.


 By Uneek The Wryter. I believe, I bleed for the vision to stand firm in my position…love unconditioned, truth, intuition, growth, independence while becoming religious with the ink pen to script what I envision having no sacred friendship, I consciously escaped abandonment without criminal intentions. STILL… I exist without my best friend, she’s been a […] […]

The Pain Reliever — A Word Of Substance No ratings yet.


  The Pain Reliever: Expectation vs. Reality Expectation: Will relieve pain. All pain. Heartbreak from immature brat who found someone better. Bruised pride from begging brother for other half of rent money. Soreness from best friend who ‘forgot’ to lend me moving truck. Twisted arm from agreeing to live with other friend in roach infested […]

Developing a Diagnosis Dictionary — The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog No ratings yet.


  Last week I wrote about how SMD mad I was about being classified as something. Ticked off by someone else who would doom me to no WOman’s mental illness land and I would cry uncontrollably, deteriorate significantly, and require care in a padded room for eternity as is the life of I dunno, severely […]

We Are All Immigrants — BeautyBeyondBones No ratings yet.


  PSA: I’d like to personally thank the person who ordered the ChickaPig Board Game, using my Amazon Link. ( This game looks like a riot – Anything that involves an “Ever-Menacing Pooping Cow” as an obstacle, sign me up! haha But for real, thank you for stopping by my link before doing your Christmas […]

There is a correlation between coffee drinkers and a reduced risk of dementia. No ratings yet.


 By Abel Kalpinand Prasad Adelaide, South Australia   For years Scientists have claimed the benefit of coffee for our health. I’m not talking about a double shot, full fat, double whip, coconut sprinkle coffee but a plain long black. Last year it was found that drinking three cups of the stuff was good for your […]

Helping yourself – Abel Prasad No ratings yet.


 Sometimes you need to take a step back and realise that you can’t control everything that happens in your life. I recently met someone who said that she could see I am a troubled man and wanted to help remove that trouble. It is unusual for me to accept help from others but as I get […]