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There is a correlation between coffee drinkers and a reduced risk of dementia. No ratings yet.


 By Abel Kalpinand Prasad Adelaide, South Australia   For years Scientists have claimed the benefit of coffee for our health. I’m not talking about a double shot, full fat, double whip, coconut sprinkle coffee but a plain long black. Last year it was found that drinking three cups of the stuff was good for your […]

Helping yourself – Abel Prasad No ratings yet.


 Sometimes you need to take a step back and realise that you can’t control everything that happens in your life. I recently met someone who said that she could see I am a troubled man and wanted to help remove that trouble. It is unusual for me to accept help from others but as I get […]

Tinder: The big issues No ratings yet.


 THANKS to the internet and apps, it’s easier than ever to meet your perfect match. But there’s a big thing we’ve lost in the process. I’ve used the app and met some amazing people who have become good friends but I have also met people who broke my spirit. In this modern age we are […]

Do we have a conscience? – Abel Prasad No ratings yet.


 Question: Why do some people commit horrible crimes without the slightest remorse? Do they have no conscience? Answer: Our conscience is like our internal watchdog. It barks and warns us whenever the thief of immorality comes to plunder our integrity. Those who heed the watchdog’s warning drive away the thief; they reject the immoral temptation by […]

A telescope to see God – Abel Prasad No ratings yet.


 I love my mother and we all know sometimes our parents get on our nerves. Today we went to the Hare Krishna Temple in Adelaide and of course, I did the wrong thing. I was meant to have gone into the room and got my blessing but I didn’t. She was so upset with me, […]

Letting Go… Part two – Abel Prasad No ratings yet.


 A learning experience it was. For the first six weeks, I was there my father took me all over the Island. From Ba to Nadi then to Labasa his birthplace. I was where my eldest sister Shilpa was born and where my dad introduced my mother to his mother. I saw the school at which […]

Chennai Child Rape – Abel Prasad No ratings yet.


In India, a rape occurs at least every 20 minutes, according to data from the National Crime Records Bureau. Some 19,000 attacks on minors were reported in 2016, but vast numbers are never brought to police attention.