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Avoid the Flu – Tips by Abel Prasad

Hi Guys Sorry I haven’t been active as much but I wanted to let you know I am still alive but have been busy with work. With winter approaching and yes I’ve already got man flu, it is important to take make sure you can avoid catching the bug. So here are the steps you […]

8 Things That Happen to Your Body If You Walk Every Day – Abel Prasad

  staying in shape may be hard, however it’s something that everyone need to do to make certain their fitness. but, you don’t need to join a gymnasium or run 5 kilometers each day. regular walks can be sufficient to improve your health and preserve you suit. the fitness advantages of strolling often are numerous. […]

Swedish DJ Avicii has died in Oman at 28 – Abel Prasad

CHART topping Swedish DJ Avicii has been found dead in the Middle East, as final photos emerge of him smiling with fans in the days leading up to his shock death.

A little Wisdom – Abel Prasad

There are times when I get down and then I think about it for a little. So here are some words of wisdom from bloggers around Australia. Rejection does not define you: “Overall, rejection is going to inevitably happen in our lives at some point. Remember, the dreaded thin letter is simply a thin letter. […]

Monday 16th April – Abel Prasad

These are the Aussie jobs you need if you want a higher salary and a shorter working week
IT’S every worker’s dream — to make the maximum bank for the least amount of effort. Here are the jobs you need to pull it off.